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PSX Extreme is a video game website that covers Sony Playstation news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, PSX Extreme features cheats, guides, screenshots, videos, previews, reviews, downloads, and more for nearly all Playstation games.

January 31st, 2015

Last Updated 0h, 12m ago

Metal Gear Rising Sequel In The Works?
A logo hinting at Metal Gear Rising 2 was seen at the Taipei Games Show and even though Kojima didn't confirm it, Platinum might be working on it...
0h, 12m old - 0 comments

Does Bloodborne's Difficulty Turn You Off?
It could end up being one of the best PlayStation 4 games in existence. But how many PS4 owners are passing on it simply because of the steep challenge?
13h, 46m old - 25 comments

Square Enix Game Bundles Satisfy Action And Stealth Cravings
Two Ultimate Triple packs are coming our way in late March: The first gives us three great action games; the second focuses on stealth goodness.
14h, 5m old - 1 comment

Apotheon Hits PS4 On February 3, Launch Trailer Revealed
This quirky, innovative title comes out next week and it's part of the Instant Game Collection for February. You've definitely got to give it a shot!
13h, 57m old - 0 comments

New Trailer Explains Bloodborne's Tough Chalice Dungeons
Sony has released a fresh gameplay trailer that shows off these optional dungeons. They're going to be hard, so you might want to invite some friends...
14h, 6m old - 1 comment

January 30th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 7m ago

Law And Order: SVU Episode Will Tackle Gaming Abuse
An upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU is called "Intimidation Game" and involves a female game developer receiving death threats from male gamers.
1d, 7m old - 15 comments

The Order: 1886 Gameplay Trailer: Galahad And A Shotgun
The latest gameplay trailer (it's in Japanese, but whatever) shows off some close-quarters combat and the main character uses a shotgun to great effect.
1d, 17m old - 6 comments

Hardline Beta: No Level Cap, But Progress Won't Transfer Over
You can advance all you want in the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline beta test but unfortunately, that progress won't carry over to the full game.
23h, 59m old - 1 comment

Dying Light: A Lesson In Why Fluidity And Pacing Are Critical
It's a game that had a gigantic amount of potential and while we catch glimpses of genius here and there, it doesn't quite coalesce into something special.
1d, 13h, 33m old - 19 comments

Grim Fandango Remastered Review: Homage To Adventure
The reimagined version of an adventure classic has arrived and despite the lack of polish, it remains a truly atmospheric, unique and rewarding quest.
1d, 14h, 35m old - 2 comments

Mortal Kombat X Welcomes The Slick, Maneuverable Ermac
Ermac is the latest character to be revealed for the upcoming Mortal Kombat installment. This defensive specialist will be tough to defeat!
1d, 14h, 24m old - 4 comments

GTAV Comparison Pics: Virtual Los Santos vs. Real Life
Know how hard Rockstar worked to make Los Santos look like its real-life counterpart, Los Angeles? Just check out these comparison screens.
1d, 13h, 54m old - 2 comments

Here's A Boatload Of Great New Details For MLB 15: The Show
Developer Sony San Diego has offered up a huge list of upgrades, features and improvements for the upcoming title and baseball fans will love it!
1d, 14h, 5m old - 0 comments

February Plus Freebies: Transistor, Thief, Yakuza 4, More
The free games PlayStation Plus members can download in February have been revealed. There are several great titles here, so don't miss out!
1d, 14h, 15m old - 13 comments

January 29th, 2015

Last Updated 1d, 23h, 52m ago

First Dragon's Dogma Online Trailer Shows Off Gameplay
Capcom has released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming MMORPG and fans get a glimpse of the multiplayer action. Looks like it has potential!
1d, 23h, 52m old - 15 comments

New LEGO Games Include Jurassic World, Marvel Avengers
Four new LEGO games have been announced and three are headed to PlayStation platforms: Jurassic World, Marvel Avengers, and a new Ninjago title!
1d, 23h, 59m old - 1 comment

New Evolve Video Shows Off Solo Mode
The latest gameplay video focuses on the offline solo play for the game. When playing as one of the Hunters, you can switch between the classes.
2d, 10m old - 0 comments

Time To Be A Man: Defend Your Guilty Pleasure Game
We all have our "guilty pleasure" games but really, there's no reason to feel guilty. Now's the time to defend your favorite guilty pleasure title!
2d, 13h, 36m old - 40 comments

Confirmed: The Witcher 3 PS4 Outperforms Xbox One Version
It has been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will run at a higher resolution: 1080p as opposed to 900p on Xbox One.
2d, 14h, 17m old - 7 comments

Revelations 2 Microtransactions Explained
There were some concerns about how microtransactions work in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 but Capcom has clarified. The rumors were untrue.
2d, 14h, 9m old - 4 comments

Evolve Beta Stats Indicate A Well-Balanced Co-Op Shooter
The beta is complete and the stats and feedback have been collected. Based on the results, it seems like Evolve is shaping up nicely for FPS fans.
2d, 14h, 26m old - 3 comments

PlayStation Platforms Get Badland: Game Of The Year Edition
Frogmind has announced that this well-received game is making the jump to PlayStation platforms in the spring. Four times the original content!
2d, 13h, 59m old - 4 comments

January 28th, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 2m ago

Square Enix Teases New PS4 Exclusive: Project CODE Z
The publisher has tossed up a teaser website that shows off a new PlayStation 4 exclusive. It's code-named Project CODE Z and it might be a JRPG...
3d, 2m old - 18 comments

Spotify Announced For PlayStation, Music Unlimited Going Away
The current service, Music Unlimited, is being replaced by PlayStation Music, which will be powered by Spotify. The new service will roll out this spring.
3d, 20m old - 25 comments

EA Claims New Need For Speed Looks "Spectacular"
While we don't have any details just yet, EA says development of the new NFS title is coming along smoothly, and it is in line to launch this year.
3d, 10m old - 13 comments

Which 2015 Game Will Make Good On Its Own Crazy Hype?
Of all the anticipated titles scheduled for this year, which one is most likely to live up to the hype? Which one will win over gamers and critics alike?
3d, 13h, 33m old - 35 comments

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Preview: MMOers Rejoice!
It should be the most comprehensive version of ESO yet, as console players get all the upgrades and new content. Plus, no monthly fee required to enjoy!
3d, 14h, 20m old - 5 comments

Rumor: Battlefield: Hardline Beta Kicks Off On February 3
It seems quite feasible that the new beta test will begin at the start of February. The information isn't exactly official but it's darn close.
3d, 13h, 43m old - 4 comments

The Witcher 3's "Insanity" Difficulty Mode: Nuts But Fun?
CD Projekt Red is currently bouncing ideas around for the "Insanity" difficulty mode. One idea is to give you just one life...for the entire damn game.
3d, 13h, 58m old - 9 comments

Amazon's Latest PS4 Bundle: Dying Light, TLoU: Remastered
A new PlayStation 4 bundle is awfully appealing: You get Dying Light and The Last Of Us: Remastered for $430, but it's only good through January 31.
3d, 13h, 51m old - 2 comments

January 27th, 2015

Last Updated 3d, 23h, 59m ago

Gunsport: Cyberpunk Volleyball With Guns
In the future, humanity doesn't care about killing each other in wars. They care more about the pride of victory in the most popular sport imaginable.
3d, 23h, 59m old - 2 comments

Free-To-Play, Open-World Dragon's Dogma Set For Japan
The new Dragon's Dogma Online experience is in the works and it's a F2P, open-world adventure that has a lot of promise. No plans to bring it west, however.
4d, 10m old - 6 comments

Raid Mode Online Play For Revelations 2 Pushed Back
Capcom has announced that the online portion of Raid Mode for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 needs more time to cook. Split-screen is an option, though.
4d, 21m old - 4 comments

What PS4 Needs More: A Resistance Or Killzone Sequel?
The PlayStation 4 could use a boost in the shooter category; which would make more sense right now? The return of Resistance or another Killzone?
4d, 13h, 48m old - 48 comments

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Uncensored Lands In Australia
The game was effectively banned when it was refused classification and now, an unmodified version has released due to a "serious manufacturing issue."
4d, 14h, 7m old - 3 comments

New The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Trailer Arrives
The latest gameplay footage shows off lots of plot-driven sections, a gorgeous and inviting world to explore, and even a bit of combat (flying enemies!).
4d, 14h, 18m old - 20 comments

The Last Of Us Film Script Coming Along "Really Well"
One of the writers says he's just finished a second draft of the script and despite a few changes, it remains "pretty faithful to the game." Well, it better!
4d, 13h, 58m old - 4 comments

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